Please find below various links to the Unity Sexual Health update for the presentations from 11 May 2021.

Unfortunately, in the recording process only the audio recorded so we have given you the audio file along with the presentation of the 5 main lectures which will work together along with four of the 5 workgroups.  Unfortunately, the BAME workgroup recorded but was inaudible.

We do apologise for the technical difficulties but understand that one of the main broadband supplier’s service was down that day and we think that this may have contributed to our problems

All downloads will be available until 31st August.

Unity Sexual Health update 11 May 2021

Service Updates Presentation

M Gen, Trichomonas and Syphilis audio

M Gen, Trichomonas and Syphilis Presentation

HIV audio

HIV Presentation

Contraception and Abortion Statistics audio

Contraception and Abortion Statistics Presentation

Sustainable Choices in SRH audio

Sustainable Choices in SRH Presentation



IUD Workgroup presentation

Implant update – Full version from Avon Group meeting.  We lost the first few seconds of the intro because of the problem with the audio.

Psychosexual – breakout Presentation and sound

Contraception – ask to Expert Presentation

BAME – Presentation will be uploaded shortly.