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Please find below various links to the Unity Sexual Health update for the presentations from 11 May 2023.

All downloads will be available until 31st August.

Unity Sexual Health update 11 May 2023

Common ambitions update practicalities of PreP, how to record in notes GP involvement in monitoring – Lindsey Harryman

Update in warts managementDr Megan Crofts, Unity Sexual Health

Update in contraception? – new IUC guidelines, new POPDr Cindy Farmer

Transgender care with a focus on sexual healthDr Sarah Cochrane

Vulval skin condition/ ulcers/ syphilisDr Adele Wolujewicz

The buttoned up and the unzipped; challenges in psychosexual medicineDr Sally Soodeen



IUC Workshop – Mrs Emma Trump, Dr Manika Singh, Dr Susanna Hall

THT – Stigma and Discrimination: understanding and supporting communities – Kate Lemon

BrookPorn, nudes and social networks: Digital issues in young people’s sexual health – Rebecca Cant

Contraception for women over 40Dr Sharon Moses

MenopauseDr Katherine Kearley-Shiers